Nike's Stanley The Ref Commercials.

In honor of Dennis Hopper, I thought it would be fitting to post his Nike commercials as Stanley, the crazy referee. I don't know the exact date these first started airing, but I do know it was sometime in the early to mid 90's. My Dad and I used to love the Bruce Smith one and would quote it for years to come. I am pretty sure he still has the Nike: Bad Things Man t-shirt I got for him back in the day. Anyways, hope you enjoy the commercials as much as we did.

Bruce Smith... Bad things, man.

Troy Aikman... Took it! Like a man, man.

Barry Sanders... You don't even want to know about Barry Sanders, man.

Sterling Sharpe... Like a freight train, man. Choo choo. Choo choo baby.

Michael Irvin... Does Michael hear the footsteps? Does Michael fear the footsteps?

Hardy Nickerson... Act Casual.

Junior Seau... That's Junior Seau's footprint, man.

Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin... They have ESP, man.