iPhone Adventures...

Well hello there faithful FARMHOUSE readers. You've probably been wondering where the hell I've been for the last 3-4 months. Long story short, I started a picture blog. So far all of the pictures up are from 2009, but I will be uploading the rest on a daily basis, so do check back often. Metal.

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Arts & Crafts: TRVE KVLT Style.

I saw this on Saturday night/Sunday morning and totally forgot about it until today. It's one of the funniest/coolest "viral videos" I've seen in a long time. The little girl at the very end is the best. Everything from the shot selection to the soundtrack are on point, I love it. You have to watch!

Thanks Julia.


Mortal Kombat Rebirth?

Apparently a new Mortal Kombat movie is in the works. Below is a pretty sweet viral trailer that just hit the interwebz today. Michael Jai White (Spawn, The Dark Knight) plays Jax. Reptile, Baraka, Johnny Cage, Sub Zero, Scorpion and Sonya Blade all make appearances here as well.

Whether it's now or when you were a kid, everyone has a video game they geek out over. Mine just happened to be Mortal Kombat II, so this news pleases me considering the other movies sucked.

Skullphone / Digital Media @ Subliminal Projects.

Skullphone has an art exhibit taking place right now through July 2nd at Subliminal Projects. Even though the opening reception already took place, you should still go. I remember when he first bought space on those obnoxious digital billboards two years ago. People freaked out, I dug it. Anyways, check out the mini trailer below. It was edited by Andrew White. Turned out well.


The Best Live Drummer Ever?

Dude is nuts! You have to see it for yourself because his skills are unbelievable.

Thanks Ricker.