The Count's Super Bowl Pick.

I went 2-0 for the Conference Championship games, so now I'm 6-4 for my playoff picks. Not amazing by any means, but still pretty solid. Here's to hoping I can finish strong.

Beginning of the week I was all about the Colts, but now I am having second thoughts. My gut says go with New Orleans, but my head says stick with Indy. I'm torn. I would love to see the city of New Orleans and the Saints organization finally win a championship, but I also wouldn't mind seeing Peyton solidify his legacy even more. Of all the players in the NFL right now, Laser, Rocket Arm definitely deserves it the most. He truly is one of a kind. However, I'm getting the same feeling I had about the G-Men a couple years back. Here's my Super Bowl pick:

One thing I've learned in my life is always go with your gut. Simple as that.

Even if I'm wrong, it's still a win/win cause I could never hate on Frankenpeyton.