The Count's Conference Championship Picks.

Didn't do so hot last week. I went 1-3 (Cardinals, Colts, Cowboys, Chargers), so my playoff average dropped to 4-4, ouch. Here are my picks for this weekend.

Jets D is pretty solid right now, but if Peyton and Co. were never pulled earlier by Caldwell they probably wouldn't even be in the playoffs to begin with. Plus, the 6'5" Laser, Rocket Arm is just too good this year and to top it off Mathis and Freeney seem well rested and poised to make Mark Sanchez' life difficult come Sunday.

Why root for the old doucher when I can root for New Orleans? If Reggie Bush runs like that every game, the Saints could finally win a Super Bowl. Seriously, what happened to that guy? Only took him 4 years to realize he too can lower his shoulder and lay down the boom. Sharper is gonna remind the Vikings why they should have never gotten rid of him. Not gonna lie, I thought the Saints were going to buckle last Saturday and play down to their competition, but I was wrong. When New Orleans plays to their potential, they're a very scary team.

P.S. What's up with the Pro Bowl being a week early this year and not having it in Hawaii? Lame.