Gaahl To Appear In Black Metal Musical. Seriously.

Ex-Gorgoroth singer Kristian "Gaahl" Espedal (now in God Seed, Trelldom) has been cast in a musical based on the concept album Svartediket, which was inspired by myths and legends of the lake Svartediket, located outside of Bergen, Norway. The "first-ever black metal musical" is scheduled to premiere on May 26th at Festspillene i Bergen (Bergen International Festival); an annual international music and cultural festival. The event will be held at Bergen's Den Nationale Scene (English translation: The National Stage), one of Norway's oldest and most renowned theaters which was founded to develop Norwegian playwrights.

Not really Trve Kvlt if you ask me, haha.

Check out some Gorgoroth videos from their '08 Wacken performance.  Just a heads up, NSFW. Unless your work is down with naked people on crosses while Norwegian dudes in corpse paint rock out on stage.

P.S. How rad would it be if America actually had a giant, metal festival like this? I'd definitely go.