The Count's Divisional Playoff Picks.

Went 3-1 last week (Jets, Cowboys, Ravens, Packers). My picks for this week:

Cardinals have now burned me 3 times in the past when I go against them. This week I go with them, lets hope it's for the best. Saints are good and rested, but the last 4 games or so they didn't play well. I think the trend continues.

Hard to root against a well rested Colts team especially at home in a loud, packed dome. Plus when you have the only 4-Time NFL MVP you know you are already have an advantage.

Cowboys' defense is hot and it's hard to root against your favorite team. Plus I'm sick of the Brett Favre '09 Suck Fest.

I would love for the Jets to win, but I think the Chargers will pull it off.