iPhone Adventures, Vol. 1.

Trying to change the blog up a little bit. I'll still continue to post more of the consistent FARMHOUSE originals (i.e. Trailer Tuesdays, Awesome Shit, Random Stuff, etc.), but I am going to cut down on the filler. It's kind of pointless to post here because lets be honest, you going to see it on Hypebeast or Gawker or NotCot or some other site first. So behold, the resurrection of iPhone Adventures. The concept started back in the beginning of 2009. However, this time I've converted all of my photos into digital Polaroids. Over 550+ photos, so I hope you like 'em.

Expect more original Farmhouse entries (videos, past projects, art, photography) in the future.

Brownie Cupcake from Crumb's Bakery, Coach's Spot in Venice, Right Field Loge in Dodger Stadium, The Smallest Car Ever in Newport Beach, Dicknose Graffiti on La Brea, Hunter Who Me? Nelson, The Gatekeeper.