March Madness 2010, Day 3.

Day 3 of the Madness... The day my bracket officially died. Should have never gone with Nova making my Final 4. They hadn't played well for the past month and I should have known better. I really wasn't thinking. The Kansas game was...special. I honestly never heard of Northern Iowa until I first looked at the brackets on Wednesday night. Yeah, I'm all for great games/shockers/upsets, but not against the team I picked to win it all. Especially when I seconded guessed myself doing so. Moral of the story, always go with your gut. If Kentucky ends up winning it all, that statement will further solidify my thoughts on gut feelings. Oh well.

Here are some teams not named Kentucky that you need to watch out for: Washington, Kansas State, Cornell, California, and even Saint Mary's. I'm very curious to see how Ohio State, Syracuse, and Duke play tomorrow. The Baylor/Saint Mary's game next week should be a good one. More to come manana.

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