March Madness 2010, Day 1.

March Madness single handily is the best thing about college sports these days. Period. Bowl Games are cool in all, but until they fix the BCS and create some sort of playoff system, the NCAA Tournament reigns supreme. Like most sports nerds out there, I fill out a bracket every year and usually enter a couple pools. One with friends from home for 20 bucks, winner takes all; the other, a free, strictly for bragging rights pool in the CBFB Fantasy League. This year, however, I also signed up for the free Hall of Fame pool. The winner of that one wins a $500 Gift Certificate to the store on Fairfax. Hats galore.

Anyways, Day 1 of the 2010 Tourney has come to a close. Did not see Georgetown losing to Ohio today. I wonder if they will be this years Cinderella? The Hoyas choking kinda screwed my bracket. Got 10/16 picks right. Gotta come back strong tomorrow. More action to come.

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