The Grill 'Em All Food Truck.

Ever since Kogi BBQ started rolling through the streets of LA, food trucks have become the latest food fad in Los Angeles. While most fads die off or become uncool, this is a trend I hope that never dies. Especially if they keep selling amazing food. One truck that recently caught my eye was the metal influenced burger truck, called Grill 'Em All. Created by Chef Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus, Grill 'Em All offers some brutal burgers that not only sound extremely delicious, they come with heavy metal inspired names. Below are some of their menu staples. To check out the rest of their menu, click HERE. Like all food trucks in LA, you can follow them on Twitter if you want to know their every move. I would recommend doing that since they do offer daily specials along with their locations. I can't wait to hit this up.

The Waste 'Em All Burger - Smoked cheddar, marinated Anaheim chilies, butter beer braised onions.

The Molly Hatchet Burger - Seared fennel sausage gravy, bacon, and a maple syrup drizzle.

The Blue Cheer Burger - Cranberry gastrique, maytag blue spread, munchos chips.

The H100's (Tots of the Day) - Hand made cheddar and jack filled, panko crusted tots.

The Double Dipped Frites - Hand Cut Yukon Gold Frites tossed in Truffle Oil.

The whole time while writing this, all I could think of was THIS.