"Eight Year Olds, Dude."


B said...


well he did call the cops first to tell them he'd be checking out the website for research cuz he knew he'd get in trouble for it.

i'm a pretty untrusting kinda guy, but i think it's safe to say that one of the greatest minds in rock history is actually telling the truth here about researching a cause he's been openly fighting against for years.

but who knows? maybe this father of 3 who has raised millions for kids charities diddles kids.

B said...

hahaha and just a tad bit ironic--


In the Florida news today, reports of a now convicted child molester...who just happened to be the sheriff’s deputy in the county sending out these flyers about Townshend.
guess they have good reason to be on high alert for molesters...since they've got some in their police department