Trailer Tuesdays (On A Friday).

The last 3 weeks have been pretty solid for trailers. You've probably already seen the Avatar trailer. Way too much hype for my liking, but who am I kidding, I will see it when it comes out in December. Still waiting for Trailer Addict to upload a trailer for Paranormal Activity. Other than that, check out the rest of the trailers below.

Up in the Air (Teaser Trailer). (Will probably see it. Like the director and Clooney ain't so bad.)

The Wolfman. (Worried about the director switch, but solid cast and I love the classic story.)

Inception (Teaser Trailer). (The truest form of a teaser trailer. So far, so good.)

Black Dynamite. (Looks badass, will definitely see this.)

Art & Copy (Trailer B). (Looks interesting, worth checking out.)

Youth in Revolt. (Looks funny. Never read the book, might need too.)

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Red Band Trailer). (Looks completely absurd, but Clifton Collins, Jr. is tight.)