Trailer Tuesdays.

Another slow week...

UPDATE: (8/19/09) Forgot to add the Bronson trailer, so check it out below.

Bronson. (This looks awesome. Reminds me of Chopper a little bit. It already came out in the UK back in March, but doesn't hit limited theaters in the US till October. I will definitely be seeing this when that time comes.)

Gentlemen Broncos. (I laughed and would probably see this. Plus, it looks funnier than Napoleon Dynamite, which isn't saying much.)


Legion (Red Band). (This trailer is beyond ridiculous. The elderly demon woman who crawls on the ceiling is worth the 5 minutes alone. Baby Boy's in it, the dude from the tv show Rock, Dennis Quaid, and some others. Don't give these people your money.)

Taking Woodstock. (Looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing this and I normally don't like hippies.)