Trailer Tuesdays (On A Friday), Part 2.

I was going to include the new Where The Wild Things Are trailer, but its pretty much the same as the first cut. Oh well, still some cool stuff coming out in the near future. 

The Lovely Bones. (Peter Jackson, enough said.)

The Cove. (Looks pretty rad/intense, way better than the first trailer. I am assuming they didn't have much money when they cut the first trailer. I will definitely see this.)

Zombieland (Red Band). (The first trailer I saw for this movie was pretty awful. This one however makes it actually seem like I would want to see it.)

[Rec.] 2. (I am always down for a solid Horror movie. Still need to see the first one, but would it even matter, plotwise?)

Big Fan. (Patton Oswalt used to bug the shit out of me. I don't really mind him now, plus its about football and supposed to be good. Win/win.)

Jennifer's Body (Red Band). (Any guy who likes Horror movies will definitely be seeing this. In fact, I bet any dude in general will see this regardless of how much blood is spilt.)