For The Love of God, Open Up The Pumps!

If you don't know by now, there is a man made drought happening in the Central Valley of California. It's simple, open up the pumps and you get great food in return. Everybody wins. This is affecting people's businesses, let alone lives all because of a tiny smelt fish. My family has been farming for over 2 generations in the Central Valley and it's so frustrating that the government won't turn the pumps back on for these people. It's ridiculous. Below are some photos from a water rally held by the CA Latino Water Coalition in Fresno. I'll post some videos about the whole shit show later.



Jean Bettencourt said...

Thank you for posting this...we need all the help we can get. Paul Rodriguez is our spokes person because he does own a farm in the central valley. I asked him if he would run for office to represent all of us that own and also work on the farms. He told me he was humbled at the request but he just wants to make people laugh and forget their problems. Paul said he won't give up the fight for the farmer and their employees...thank goodness.