Trailer Tuesdays.

It's been forever since I did one of these, so I put way more trailers up than normal. Enjoy.

The Hangover. (Looks hilarious, which is sweet cause Todd Phillips is a great writer/director.)

Sherlock Holmes. (Looks good. I like the cast and the director, so I hope it doesn't end up sucking.)

The Road. (Looks amazing and is getting a ton of buzz already.)

Drag Me To Hell. (Sam Raimi should stick to horror movies cause this looks sweet. Spiderman's not so much.)

Moon. (Looks awesome! Plus the director happens to be David Bowie's son, no big deal.)

The Girlfriend Experience. (Steven Soderbergh and Sasha Grey... could be good, could be terrible.)

District 9. (It's got my attention.)

Nine. (It's got Daniel Day-Lewis and Penelope Cruz in it. Enough said.)

Up. (When has Pixar not made a good movie? Exactly.)

The Hurt Locker. (Looks pretty intense. Kathryn Bigelow usually makes good action films.)

Hunger. (I know nothing about this movie, but the trailer looks interesting.)