Farmhouse Sightings...

Haggard sent me this recently. Apparently, we are still holding down the bathroom at the Pork Store Cafe on Valencia.


MDH said...

as long as it's not on MY BLOCK!!!!!

B said...

mofo's i put up about a dozen of those stickers and have told about 50+ people about this site.

and you guys are gonna give me shit for not leaving one up on the street sign in front of my house on a dead end street.

i'm sorry sooooo many people are gonna miss out on this site because i took down 1 of 1,000+ stickers.

and yeah, i take pride in my block. it's a city thing.

The Count. said...

A) Thanks for telling people about the site and putting up the stickers I gave you. I appreciate it.

B) In my defense, the sign wasn't technically right in front of your ex-girlfriend's house. It was around 40 yards away.

C) I only made 500 of those stickers.

D) That "It's a city thing" comment has to be the dumbest thing I think you have ever said Brendon. You don't have to be from SF to have pride in where you live. You know that.