RIP Moses.

Late update, vol. 2.3. Legendary actor Charlton Heston passed away over the weekend. Heston had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the past 6 years. Many will remember Heston from such films as The Ten Commandments, Planet Of The Apes, Touch Of Evil, Soylent Green, and Ben Hur (which he won an Oscar for Best Actor).

Others might remember him as the mean, insensitive NRA president from Fatso's Bowling For Columbine. Those people, however, probably don't know that Heston was one of the first Hollywood actor's in the '50s and '60's to actually march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement. He was openly against segregation and racism in the country, while many white actors wouldn't even say a peep. It was his comments later in life that made people question his earlier achievements. Maybe the Alzheimer's had an effect on that?

I will remember him not only as Moses, but also as the amazing "Good Actor" from Wayne's World 2, Henry Hooker, the old rancher who lets Doc Holiday rest up in Tombstone, and Spencer Trilby, the Nick Furyesque leader of a CIA secret agency in True Lies. Charlton Heston was 84 years old.

1924 - 2008.