The Dark Knight's April Fools Viral Campaign.

Being that today was April Fool's I thought it would be fun to play along with the Joker's newest viral campaign. Considering all the bowling balls/cell phones had been found before I even knew about this, I thought I would try my luck out with the Acme Security Systems game. After I gave the site all my info I get a phone call instantly from a 1-000-000-0000 number. I figure I would give who ever was calling the password ("Needle") and then get a message from the Joker himself. Wrong, it's Lt. James Gordon and he now has all my info. (cell phone number/email/IP address), and I now have to work for him or I am going to jail for conspiracy or some other lame reason. He did say he would get back to me though, so I wonder when that will happen? I am kinda bummed actually that I am not on the Joker's team. Even though I sound like total fan boy, I don't care, this movie is going be awesome. Check out the photos I snapped from the events below.

Clown Travel Agency

The start of the game.

The bowling ball/cell phone locations.

A new game?...

Acme Security Systems.

I got tricked by Lt. Gordon...fucker.

The Dark Knight.