The Patriots Finish 16-0.

History was made tonight when the New England Patriots beat the New York Giants 38-35, becoming the first team in NFL history to finish the season, a perfect 16-0. The Miami Dolphins went 14-0 back in 1972 and ended up finishing the season a perfect 17-0 after they beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 in Super Bowl VII. Tonight however is different because the regular NFL schedule has been extended by 2 games since the Dolphins made their historic run back in '72. We'll see how the Patriots finish the season this year, the playoffs start next Saturday (1/5/08).

Regardless what you think of them, the Patriots run this year has been very impressive, so even if you hate them, you gotta give credit, where credit is due. Logan Mankins, James Sanders... NFL-U. Plus Tom Brady is a dreamboat and now holds the single-season record for TD passes (50).

As well as Randy Moss breaking the single-season TD receptions record too (23).

Superman dat ho Randy, Superman dat ho.